Music as a Bridge to Abortion Healing

Music as a Bridge to Abortion Healing

Steven Siler, Dove Award winning songwriter, singer and founder of Music for the Soul, says this about music.

“In this day and age there seems to be very few concepts upon which we can all agree. I’d like to suggest that there are two important, timeless realities upon which we can all agree. First, that all human beings have a deep desire to know that they are not alone. Second, music has the unique ability to speak to us in a way that connects us to our deepest emotions and helps us to express the inexpressible. What is the power of a song? It is an agent of life changing healing for those dealing with issues of trauma, grief, and other disruptive life events.”

From a scientific perspective, music can be used to help bring the body into a state of relaxation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system (this helps with resting and digesting), and deactivating the sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, or freeze) response.

From the music project, "Mercy Great Enough" Finding Hope After Abortion

Watch the Abortion Healing Provider Webinar or read the recap from June 2022 in which Music for the Soul founder Steve Siler and Greg Hasek, MA/MFT, joined Support After Abortion CEO Lisa Rowe, LCSW, and Special Projects Manager Karin Barbito in discussing the Music as a Bridge to Abortion Healing resource and how to use it abortion healing programs and clinical settings.
Keys to Hope & Healing

Keys to Hope & Healing

Keys to Hope and Healing

Keys to Hope and Healing is the gateway to start a conversation about healing from abortion. It opens the door to start the journey and consists of six keys to work through as an individual or through a group with a facilitator. The keys build on each other, digging a little deeper into the past hurt that abortion has caused and encourages participants to look at their own lives and make connections from their current emotions and behaviors to their abortion experience and find ways to work through them.

Keys to Hope and Healing is offered for both men and women through separately written programs and is available in English and Spanish.

This booklet and self-guided program are for the Not-Faith Women’s version of Keys to Hope and Healing. 

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Keys to Hope and Healing is available in Faith and Not Faith versions, for men and women, in Spanish and English.

Keys to Hope & Healing - Womans Guide

Unraveled Roots – Training

Unraveled Roots Training

There are many reasons why your clients find themselves in the same places of hurt and struggle time and time again. Today’s damaging behaviors and choices are often tied to yesterday’s childhood pain and other traumas that lie beneath the surface. Until we recognize this, we will continue to make the same poor choices. We need intervention to begin to forge a new, more positive path.

This training will equip facilitators to teach the Unraveled Roots courses. Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, will walk through each lesson to define key terms, and give coaching instruction on the topic of that lesson. Healing starts here.

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Introduction to Abortion Healing

Introduction to Abortion Healing

At Support After Abortion, our mission is to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion. To accomplish this, there must be a trained, compassionate network of abortion healing providers that understand the common emotions, triggers, and behaviors that are commonly connected to an abortion experience and understand how to help clients – both men and women – heal from them.

This training covers: 

  • Common emotions and behaviors following an abortion
  • How to deliver compassionate care to clients as they share their experiences
  • Pre-conceived notions and sterotypes surrounding abortion
  • Most common circumstances that influence the abortion decision
  • Important questions to ask during the intake process and how to successfully refer a client 
  • What the healing process entails and how to facilitate a healing group

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